Ultralite Red Brass Covers
These brass covers were designed by Celie Fago for use with the Ultra Lite. They fit directly on the opening of the kiln. No need to turn down the temperature. The space between the covers and element are perfect for Keum Boo. It's just the right temperature so the fusing takes place very quickly. Surprisingly there isn't much heat on your hands so there is no need for gloves. Unlike using a burner to do Keum Boo. The one cover is flat and the other has a divit for keeping your lentil bead in place while burnishing. Don't forget your burnishers. We sell steelagate, and pyrex burnishers just for this purpose.  

Don't forget to get the Keum Boo gold sheets and Klyr Fire glue.  We've also got Celie Fago's great book Keum Boo on Silver.  We sell a great kit if you are getting started and need it all!
FTS088  Ultralite Red Brass Covers (2) *C*

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