Quick Fire Torch System

A fantastic tool for firing metal clay and Art Clay Copper!  This unit gets to 1550F and will fire for about 25-30 minutes on a full tank!

  • Simple to use
  • Uses standard Lenk and other brands of triple filtered lighter fuel generally available
  • Fuel consumption on high = 1 gm per minute
  • Firing area is about 2.5" on each side which is about 6" inches
  • It's portable - less than 2 pounds and 4" tall
  • Fires up to 40 gms of metal clay 7 cards thick

Don't forget to use this outside or in a ventilated area.  Great for travel or demonstrations.  

Comes with a stainless steel firing mesh, heavy-duty stand, torch system, and soft fiber shelf to protect your work surface.  You'll need butane, metal clay, tweezers, a bowl of water, and a ventilated room.

NOTE: This is the same torch manufacturer as the Speedfire SuperMini, however the Quick Fire is $14.95 less.

FTS233  Quick Fire Torch System

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Price: $89.95  $75.00