Kaiser Lee Board for Soldering & Fusing
 A perfect casting medium for glass when creating unique, effortless reliefs. Easy to cut, carve, and shape. The Kaiser Lee Board does not need mold hardener, is pre-fired, has a high Alumina content, and be fired without kiln wash.  With care it is reusable.

I find the best use of this material is as a soldering tool.  It's really amazing for soldering. Use stainless steel t-pins to pin pieces in place. The board is fairly soft and takes pinning great!  It does not reflect the heat so do not use it to fire metal clay for sintering.  Use the Solderite boards for that purpose.  However if you are soldering and want to pin your complicated soldering tasks, this is the product for you!  Don't forget to use Chris's amazing Soldering Tools as well.

Here are some facts about the board written by Petra Kaiser in her book Fuse It:
-doesn't retain or absorb heat therefore gives perfect distribution of heat to glass (top to bottom)
-can be sanded, carved, cut, etc
-no burnout required or needed to release the organic binders
-no rigidizer needed
-can be used for "years" if stored properly and cared for
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FTS195: Kaiser Lee Board 12" x 12"
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