Sepia Slides

Sepia slides are fusible waterslides. When applied to light colored glass and taken to a full fuse the images become a permanent sepia (red brown to dark brown) color. Sepia slides look great on: Light colors (ivory & white) then placed on another color; Clear iridized (on iridized side) then placed on clear or light color; Dichroic (on dichroic side) then placed on clear or light color. The double layer, full fused, makes a nicely rounded shape 

The Tiger Series-is based on a photo of a tiger taken at the Point Defiant Zoo in Tacoma, Washington.  (12) 1" slides in pack

The JSet1 has four stylized stunning designs, which includes one larger piece (1") and two matching smaller (1/2") suitable for a pendant and earrings.

I recommend using the Squeegee to rub out the bubbles under the decal layer.  

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
SP523: Sepia Slide, Whale Tail 2 *C*
SP523 Sepia Slide, Whale Tail 2 *C* $6.00 $3.00
SP468: Sepia Slide JSet1 *C*
SP468 Sepia Slide JSet1 *C* $6.00 $3.00
SP467: Sepia Slide, Tiger 2 *C*
SP467 Sepia Slide, Tiger 2 *C* $6.00 $3.00