Deluxe Tool Kit
A great collection of quality tools! These are not cheap tools, but the best quality for the job.  I've personally used these tools for the last 5-10 years and have tried it all.  I collected the best to get you started!

Deluxe Tool Kit I includes:

  • A large see-through tool bag with handles and zipper (8" x 2" x 10")
  • A 1" x 6" clear acrylic roller
  • A set of slats equal to 4.5 cards thickness
  • #3 economy round taklon brush
  • AA tweezers
  • Non-stick, double-sided, self-healing worksurface
  • Clay or syringe tip -watertight container
  • 3-row Brass Brush
  • Standard Burnisher
  • Disposable scalpel
  • Narrow spatula
  • Taper point clay shaper size 0.
  • Set of sander/polisher (7 sheets 280-4000) micro abrasive wet/dry
  • Slim sander (1 each of 120/220, 280/400)
  • Tissue blade
Deluxe Tool Kit II includes the same tools but the 4-row Brass Brush has been substituted for the 3-row Brass Brush. 
KT012  KIT-Deluxe Tool Kit I *SALE*

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