PMC3 is the latest generation of PMC to be released. It can be fired at the lowest temperature making it perfect for glass applications or ceramics. The firing temperatures range from 1110 degrees F to 1650 degrees F. It is also the strongest of all the PMC products. It has a finer, smoother composition that's easy to work with and manipulate. We highly recommend this product for rings, bracelets, and anklets. Also, any piece with glass or ceramics. Firing this product at 1650 for 2 hours yields the strongest metal. However, 1650 for 10 minutes is usually sufficient.

You may fire PMC3 with either the torch, Hot Pot or kiln.

Composition: 90% fine silver powder; 10% water and organic binder

Shrinkage: 12%

Density after firing: 9.3 S.G. (rolled silver = 10.5 S.G.)

All PMC is net weight.

We do not advise stock-piling inventory. All types of clay do dry out over time. This is more prevalent with Paste type and Syringe type. Paste can easily be reconstituted with water. Add water, wait a few hours, stir and add more water if desired. If the syringe type seems dry, do check your syringe tip to make sure it is not clogged or manufactured incorrectly. We recommend using these types of clay in 3 months or less from order date. Clay should be good in its unopened packages for 1 year.  The warranty on PMC clay products is 6 months from date of purchase.

Manufactured and invented in Japan by Mitsubishi, this revolutionary new material is changing the jewelry world. It looks and acts like clay, but is instead a versatile clay-like material that you can work, roll, cut, shape and fire. Firing, either by torch, Speedfire Lowfire Express(tm), Ultra Lite or Kiln, the organic binders burn out and the result is 999 fine silver. It's simply amazing! Check out our Tutorials for more information.

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PMC041: 6.3g-Clay-PMC3-any quantity
PMC041 6.3g-Clay-PMC3-any quantity $21.31 $18.00
PMC042: 9g-Clay-PMC3-any quantity
PMC042 9g-Clay-PMC3-any quantity $27.77 $25.20
PMC005: 16gm-Clay-PMC3-any quantity *C*
PMC005 16gm-Clay-PMC3-any quantity *C* $46.04 $39.65
Out of Stock
PMC009: 25gm-Clay-PMC3-any quantity
PMC009 25gm-Clay-PMC3-any quantity $70.80 $61.60
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PMC037: 50gm-Clay-PMC3-any quantity *C*
PMC037 50gm-Clay-PMC3-any quantity *C* $139.56 $123.00
PMC007: Syringe-PMC3-9gm with tip-any quantity
PMC007 Syringe-PMC3-9gm with tip-any quantity $28.27 $24.95
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PMC006: Paste/Slip-15gm-PMC3-any quantity
PMC006 Paste/Slip-15gm-PMC3-any quantity $45.59 $39.25
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