Overlay Paste/Slip

Formulated specifically to bond to surfaces such as glazed porcelain, glass, ceramics, etc. Use with all AC series products including Slow Dry.


  • It should be fired at 1200F for 30 minutes and up to 1435F for 5 minutes.
  • 8-10% shrinkage
  • 90% silver, 10% binder and moisture
  • can be fired with a torch
  • can be applied to fired Art Clay pieces to add detail or repair imperfections for firing
  • use scraffito-style to create detailed images
  • used as an intermediary between glazed or unglazed bisqueware and other AC products


The warranty is 3 months from date of purchase on all Art Clay products.  We do not recommend stock piling for this reason.  However, most clay products will stay good for at least a year.  The syringes and paste do tend to dry out quickly.

AC022  Silver 15gm-Overlay Paste/Slip-AC650 Low Fire *C*

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