Premo 2oz Blocks

We surveyed some of the top polymer clay master artists that sell their work and are noted in magazines and they all said they used Premo as their choice of brands. A firm, smooth texture, durable after baking, great millefiori results, non-crumbling and easy to knead right out of the package, and densely saturated colors!

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PC25572: Cadmium Yellow Hue *C*
PC25572 Cadmium Yellow Hue *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25523: Candy Pink *C*
PC25523 Candy Pink *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25525: Sunshine  *SALE*
PC25525 Sunshine *SALE* $2.44 $1.50
Out of Stock
PC25022: Wasabi *C*
PC25022 Wasabi *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25003: Denim Blue *C*
PC25003 Denim Blue *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25001: White  *SALE*
PC25001 White *SALE* $2.44 $1.50
Out of Stock
PC25033: Orange *C*
PC25033 Orange *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25053: Burnt Umber *C*
PC25053 Burnt Umber *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25303: Gold *C*
PC25303 Gold *C* $2.44 $1.20
Out of Stock
PC25310: Translucent
PC25310 Translucent $2.44 $2.00
Out of Stock
PC25323: Green  *SALE*
PC25323 Green *SALE* $2.44 $1.50
Out of Stock
PC25382: Cadmium Red Hue *C*
PC25382 Cadmium Red Hue *C* $2.44 $1.15
PC25504: Fuchsia  *SALE*
PC25504 Fuchsia *SALE* $2.44 $1.50
Out of Stock
PC25513: Purple
PC25513 Purple $2.44 $2.00
Out of Stock
PC25562: Ultramarine Blue Hue  *SALE*
PC25562 Ultramarine Blue Hue *SALE* $2.44 $1.50
Out of Stock