Kato 2oz Polymer Clay Bars

This new clay is great! When doing canes or millefiori you'll find cleaner cuts with colors remaining defined! 

Be sure to check out the 3oz Kato Clay Bars! Great deal and since they are being discontinued for the smaller sizes, you are sure to make your money go farther!
Please note that Kato Clay is a top clay to use for milliefiori.  Our clay is fresh, kept out of the light, and in a cooled environment.  It is more difficult to condition than the other brands, however with a little patience and work, it will condition up nicely.  We've attached two helpful conditioning handouts from Van Aken, the manufacturer.
  **Due to the nature of Kato Clay being a very firm clay, it takes some effort to condition it before you can begin working with it.  We recommend you read this prior to using the clay.
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PC12202: Kato 2oz Bar Orange *C*
PC12202 Kato 2oz Bar Orange *C* $2.29 $1.20
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PC12206: Kato 2oz Bar Ultra Blue *C*
PC12206 Kato 2oz Bar Ultra Blue *C* $2.29 $1.20
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PC12208: Kato 2oz Bar Green *C*
PC12208 Kato 2oz Bar Green *C* $2.29 $1.20
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