UV Lamp Small

A great UV lamp for UV glues, photopolymer and more! 9 watt, single bulb. On/Off switch. Its exposure space is 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.75". The end cap and back slides off to allow easier insertion of your pieces!  The 4" Glass Sandwich will fit just fine.  The available space is 6" x 4" x 1.75".  The clips will hang off the front and back but that doesn't matter.

Please note: the back "L" shaped panel is removable and I don't use it on my unit. If you remove it or it comes loose during shipping you simply need to guide it carefully back onto it's track and slide it back into place. If you don't get it exactly on it's track it will not slide in perfectly without gaps. Gaps do not matter. Again, I prefer mine without the back on it, and as the tutorial demonstrates, I cover it with a washcloth so the front and back are covered. It is probably unnecessary, but keeps me from looking at the light.

Keep a log of all your exposures.  Bulbs are good for approximately 60 exposures.  We do sell the replacements!

Please note:

Do not purchase 110V for 220V countries.  The expensive adaptors might work, but there is no guarantee.  If you plug a 110V into 220V you'll blow the light up.  

There is no warranty on these units.

Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL683 UV Lamp Small AUS & NZ *C* $70.00 $35.00
TL682 UV Lamp Small UK *C* $70.00 $28.00