UV Resin Prep & Cleanser

Use this UV Resin Prep to clean the area where you want to apply the resin. Also useful for cleaning smudges or areas you don't want the resin (before curing). It will also help remove sticky residue after curing. To remove cured resin you do not desire, use Attack (RE025).

This product cannot be shipped via air (International, UPS 2nd Day, UPS 3rd Day, or Priority USPS). It can only be shipped UPS Ground.  Cannot be shipped by air. US delivery by ground UPS only

PLEASE NOTE: this product comes in a plug-protected bottle.  The plugs only fit larger bottles that hold 2.5oz.  Your bottle will be less than half full.  This is not a defect and evaporation did not occur.  You don't need a lot of prep.  It's expensive.  So we sell you just what you need.  This way you have more money in your pocket and not unnecessary product sitting on the shelf.

RE032  UV Resin Prep & Cleaner 1oz *C*  

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