Lavender Cubic Zirconia
All of these stones may be fired in place with PMC. Stones are difficult to photograph, not to mention how your monitor will depict the color. These stones look great in silver. They are a rich lavendar color a bit more intense than may be pictured here.
Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
GEM081 2mm Lavender CZ (4) *C* $0.95 $0.35
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GEM017 2.5mm Lavender CZ (4) *C* $1.15 $0.38
GEM129 3mm Lavender CZ (4) *C* $1.60 $0.52
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GEM018 3.5mm Lavender CZ (4) *C* $1.80 $0.58
GEM019 4mm Lavender CZ (4) *C* $2.15 $0.75
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GEM130 5mm Lavender CZ (2) *C* $1.90 $0.45
GEM131 3x3 Square Lavender CZ (4) *C* $1.60 $0.55
GEM167 8mm Square Lavender CZ-not pictured *C* $1.80 $0.58
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GEM083 6x8mm Oval Lavender CZ *C* $1.30 $0.42
GEM132 8x10mm Octagon Lavender CZ *C* $2.50 $0.81
GEM153 8mm Trillion Lavender CZ (1) *C* $1.95 $0.70
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GEM154 4x6 Pear Lavender CZ (2) *C* $1.45 $0.47