Natural Jamunai Raspberry Garnet Cabochon

Natural Jamunai Garnet Cabochon

Hardness 7-7.5
Not all stones will be the same height, so keep this in mind when ordering in multiples.  Each stone is unique and can have inclusions.
These are beautiful raspberry colors that are hard to find!
NOTE: Follow the industry stone charts to see what natural stones can be fired.  Some of them can and some cannot.  There is no difference in composition from one particular stone to another (sunstone to sunstone, etc), however, the stone can crack due to inclusions.  There is no guarantee as to whether a stone will survive firing based on inclusions.  Things can happen during firing.  However, sapphires, rhodolite, garnets can be fired to 1650F.  Other stones like moonstone and sunstone can be fired to certain temperatures.  Again, consult the industry charts.  Firing chart coming soon.
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GEM279: Garnet Oval 4x6 (1) *C*
GEM279 Garnet Oval 4x6 (1) *C* $11.50 $4.50
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GEM280: Garnet Oval 6x8 (1) *C*
GEM280 Garnet Oval 6x8 (1) *C* $25.70 $8.00
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