Crushed Stone Frit Sets


This is cool stuff, a Whole Lotta Whimsy invention! We developed this frit and had it manufactured as a new way to apply color. It can be applied several ways. If you do fused glass or lampwork glass this frit will not melt. So go ahead and use it to create texture!  Looks awesome in enamel, resin, glass, polymer and metal clay! Try soldering it to the surface of metal!

1) Press into clay and fire. A natural doming effect usually occurs which is pretty interesting.

2) Lay down a line of syringe or paste and press frit into it until it is captured.

3) Fire your piece and then make a mixture of Clear for Silver Enamel (E070) and Klyr Fire Glue (SP032) into a slurry. Lay down this mixture onto a small area of your piece, press frit into it until it is captured. Then wait for it to dry fully before firing to 1450/1500F for 2 minutes. Apply the clear for silver enamel in a thin layer.

4)Acquire low fire enamel and repeat steps #3 in order to keep low fire frit colors stable.

5)Fire your piece and then epoxy on frits in place.

The blue sapphire crushed cz, citrine crushed cz, black crushed cz, crushed apatiteand peridot crushed cz will experience a color shift if fired above 1200F for prolonged periods of time. This is not necessarily a bad thing as some of the colors are richer or a great second alternative!

Medium and Large are all 1gm containers. The Coarse and Extra Coarse are 1/2gm containers.

This Set Includes the Following Crushed Frit:

Medium Amethyst (CZ)
Large Amethyst (CZ)
Coarse Amethyst (CZ)
Large Apatite
Coarse Apatite
Medium Black (CZ)
Large Sapphire (CZ)
Coarse Sapphire (CZ)
Large Violet (CZ)
Coarse Spinel (Lab)
Medium Citrine (CZ)
Large Emerald (YAG, CZ)
Coarse Emerald (YAG, CZ)
Medium Garnet (CZ)
Large Peridot (CZ)
Coarse Peridot (CZ)
Medium Lavender (CZ)


GEM348  Crushed Stone Frit Set (17) *C*

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