Cork Clay

This malleable form of cork will accept a wide variety of shapes and surface textures, making it well suited as forms around which to create hollow forms. Shape it in your hands or with simple clay tools, dry completely and use with any of the PMC+ or PMC3 materials. If you are pasting over the cork, pre-sand the cork with emery boards to perfect it's shape. Make sure the cork is completely dry before firing, especially in humid climates. I highly recommend keeping them in the dehydrator until you are ready to fire them. You can purchase a dehydrator at Walmart/Kmart for about $42 during canning season. They dry your PMC evenly, dehydrating them perfectly for firing. Best of all, they are quiet and can't burn you!

Cork Clay Small is approximately 2"x2"x13/16".

Cork Clay Large is approximately 2"x4"x13/16".

SP100  Cork Clay Large

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