2 Part Mold Putty

Mix 1:1 by volume to get great duplicate texture. Pot life is 1 minute with a 7 minute cure time at 72°F. Heat and colder temperatures can affect working time. Pinch off into 2 marbles of equal size. Then roll each one into a snake (doesn't need to be a good snake). Then take both and twist quickly for 5-10 seconds. Then quickly knead so that most of the marbleinzing goes away. It is okay to have some marbelizing. You want to do this in 30 seconds, so you have the remaining 30 seconds left to depress your button, or whatever piece it is that you are duplicating.

Also available in larger size of 16oz! Great deal for a new size! This new product sets up fast and the detail is fantastic! It is a platinum cured silicone.  This is the best possible quality product which will give you the most return on the cost of your mold.

Store small baggies of 2 part in a dark, cool place. Or better yet a plastic container!

New packaging on the 2oz version as of 9/21/07. The packaging is not pictured, but each ounce comes in blue flip-top plastic container for longer shelf life. Once you've used the mold putty, the containers can be used for other things. Mineral oil is the greasy coating on the mold putty and can easily be wiped from the container.

Properly stored at room temperature (73°F/ 23°C), silicone rubber will have a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture.  Whole Lotta Whimsy warranties the product for one month from time of purchase.

Important - Elevated temperatures will drastically reduce the shelf life of silicone rubber. For example, silicone rubber stored at 80°F / 27°C will have a shelf life of about six months. Material stored at 100°F / 38°C will have a shelf life of about two months.


-if you wear gloves to mix, do not wear latex as it effects the mold putty

-occasionally the surface of the texture being made can imped success.  You may need to seal it first with a polyurethane.

-heat can be applied to speed up the curing process when making molds

-if you are casting polyester, polyurethane and epoxy it is advisable to prevent mold degradation by applying a release agent first

SP204  (1POUND of each) 2-Part Mold Putty (LG)

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