Clay-Bond PLUS

Now there's a product that allows you to solder without a torch!  Clay-Bond PLUS is a silver alloy powder that turns into a solder paste after you add water.  

Simply brush it onto the pieces you intend to combine using a brush with short, stiff bristles, then fire the piece embedded in activated carbon.  You will want to use only this container (used also for Accent for Gold firings with carbon) or container FTS231 can also be used (with alterations to temp).

 The result is a strong joint between the metal pieces.  The binder contained in Clay-Bond PLUS dries quickly and holds the pieces in place, so there is no risk of pieces shifting before firing.

Clay-Bond PLUS can be fired with a torch also.

Clay-Bond PLUS joins the following materials to the same or combined materials below:

  • sterling silver
  • argentium
  • fine silver or fired silver metal clay
  • copper
  • brass/bronze


  • Firing is done in a kiln, so a torch or open flame are not required
  • It contains a binder that dries and holds the two pieces together before and during firing, so precise alignment of the pieces is easier than with solder paste
  • It will not spread beyond the join and wet surrounding metal if fired properly
  • When used to join sterling silver, it is impossible for firescale to form on the sterling.

Instructions included with purchase!

SP817  Clay Bond PLUS 10gm *C*

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