Copper Soldering Sticks -copper colored 9+"

Use like wire solder.  Heat up piece and when red hot remove flame and touch rod, held in tweezers, to surface where you want to solder.  There is flux in the solder.

This solder is copper colored!  Unique and fantastic!  No more plating or worrying about the color difference when soldering attachments!

Clean up with pickle or brush with fine steel wool, file, etc.  Takes patina beautifully.

There is just one kind of this solder (no easy, med, hard) and it melts at 1320F.

Did you know if you brass brush copper it turns a bronze color? 

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SP901: Copper Colored Solder 9+" (3)
SP901 Copper Colored Solder 9+" (3) $24.00 $21.00
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SP895: Copper Colored Solder 9+" (1) *C*
SP895 Copper Colored Solder 9+" (1) *C* $8.00 $8.00
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