Sooths dry and chapped hands, and keeps PMC clay from sticking to hands, tools, and work surfaces. Great new unscented formula. All natural products! I prefer this over olive oil. It's not greasy and since it has wax in it, it seems to create more of a barrier than olive oil. Remember to use it sparingly. You don't want to get excess oil or balm in your clay.

NEW! 0.15oz Badger Balm Stick! Everyone we sent these to loved 'em. So we decided to carry them. Some loved them for their lips and others are using them as Badger Balm Release on a Stick! It's a super convenient way to dispense the badger balm without the mess. Great for students to put in their starter kits! One smells like tangerine and the other is unscented.

Healing Balm: This balm has the mild, wintergreen-like scent of Sweet Birch. The fragrance is the only difference and works great for metal clay.

SP446  Badger Balm 0.15oz Stick *C*

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