Sterling Pin Back & FIP Pin Back

Great components for easy soldering onto the back of your beautiful metal clay pieces. Great quality and great price! The nickel stem is the most durable stem versus sterling stems.  The only difference between the two pin backs listed is the length of the nickel stem and then one of each size has been depletion gilded for you so that you can Fire it in Place.  The other pin back components have been left as a sterling pin catch and joint so that you can either solder it in place or depletion gild it yourself.

How to use Fire in Place Components:

1)Press into PMC3 clay or use PMC3 syringe or paste to attache to your PMC3 creations.

2)Fire to 1300F Max temp for 35 minutes

3)Quench or crash cool pieces depending on whether or not a stone is included in the piece. (do not quench stones ever) It is not necessary to quench or crash cool.  You can certainly wait for the pieces to cool naturally in the kiln.  It just speeds up the process to quench.

4)You may also want to heat harden the metal after firing it by placing it back in the kiln and heating it to 572F for one hour to age or heat harden the metal again since it is now annealed. If you are going to work harden the piece, many find this step unnecessary (except with earring posts).

Tumble, brush or hand burnish as desired.

Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
SP060 Sterling Pin Back with Nickel Stem - 1" *C* $2.75 $1.50
SP061 Sterling Pin Back with Nickel Stem - 1 1/4" *C* $2.75 $1.80
SP143 Sterling Fire in Place Pin Back with Nickel Stem 1" *C* $3.20 $2.95
SP144 "Sterling Fire in Place Pin Back with Nickel Stem 1 1/4" *C* $3.20 $2.95