Sterling Tube Bails
Sterling Tube Bails

These tube bails will fit wire and chains!  We sell both "Fire in Place" and regular Sterling.  

The "FIP" have already been depletion gilded for you and are ready to capture and fire in place with silver metal clay!  

How to use Fire in Place Components:

1)Press into PMC3 clay or use PMC3 syringe or paste to attach to your PMC3 creations.

2)Fire to 1300F Max temp for 35 minutes

3)You may also wnt to heat harden the metal after firing it by placing it back in the kiln and heating it to 572F for one hour to age or heat harden the metal again since it is now annealed. If you are going to work harden the piece, many find this step unnecessary (except with earring posts).

4) Tumble, brush or hand burnish as desired.

Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
SP931 3mm Sterling Tube Bail (small 3x20mm) *C* $2.15 $0.90
SP110 Sterling Fire in Place 3mm Tube Bail (small 3x20mm) *C* $2.55 $1.75
SP932 3mm Sterling Tube Bail (small 3x30mm) *C* $3.15 $1.35
SP109 Sterling Fire in Place 3mm Tube Bail (large 3x30mm) *C* $3.85 $1.60
SP933 5x20mm Sterling Tube Bail *C* $7.60 $3.25
SP140 Sterling Fire in Place 5x20mm Tube Bail *C* $10.45 $4.50
SP934 5x25mm Sterling Tube Bail *C* $9.40 $4.00
SP935 5x30mm Sterling Tube Bail *C* $11.20 $4.80