WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants
WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants
WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants
WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants
WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants
WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants
WhimsyCrete™ and Colorants

WhimsyCrete™ is perfect for making any size concrete shape. Mix it up with water or the preferred acrylic latex dry-set mortar additive and you've got a strong material. Once the piece has set up in about 1-2 hours (depends on ambient temp), you can remove the skin with a craft knife to expose aggregate or leave the skin in tact which will give you a super smooth appearance. Mix in mica for another effect or better yet, dust the mold with mica first and then pour in the concrete. Otherwise the mica tends to float to the surface which is the back of the mold. WhimsyCrete™ works great in the Krafty Lady Moulds, make your own mold, or just pour it out on blue painters tape. Check out our new 2 Part Mold Putty and Liquid Rubber Mold Making material for creating your own molds from buttons, polymer originals and more! You can also make your own receptacle for the concrete out of metal clay and then pour WhimsyCrete™ into that area. WhimsyCrete™ cannot be fired.

Colorants are available in a variety of colors. They are powders that are added to the WhimsyCrete™ before mixing. Use the charcoal colorant to make the WhimsyCrete™ look like standard grey concrete.  Otherwise the WhimsyCrete is white.  A little colorant goes a long way! Check out the WhimsyCrete™ Kit page for details on the complete kit (kit is also available here on this page).  Buy the kit and get over $10 FREE in product!  Kit is valued at $53.15!

Directions for a large amount. Please decrease quantities for one or two pieces by quite a lot (teaspoons of WhimsyCrete™):

0.5oz liquid to 1/4 cup of WhimsyCrete™.   You can mix far less, just do the math to convert it to smaller quantities.  For example: 12 grams of concrete to 3 grams of solution.  2 teaspoons of concrete to 1/2 teaspoon of solution.  Because the concrete has a latex additive added to it, you want to make sure you don't mix too small of an amount.  Like resin it requires a minimum to mix correctly and correct measurements are essential to it setting up correctly.

You can mix it visually as well but this is much riskier as to it setting up properly. You want it to be the consistency of a pancake batter. It is wise to add WhimsyCrete™ to the water or liquid additive. This way the concrete can slake into the liquid and not clump. 

Colorants: If you are mixing in large amounts of colorant, please add a bit of the latex additive or water to the colorant first to avoid aerating the powder. Then add it to the cement mixture. 1/4 teaspoon of colorant to 1/4 cup of WhimsyCrete™. You can use less or more to get shades of that color also.  If you are mixing 2 teaspoons of WC to 1/2 teaspoon of solution, you would mix no more than 2.3 grams of colorant into the mix.  So it's just a smidgen of colorant!   Our Small Scoops are exactly 1/4 of a teaspoon!  Watch the amount of colorant and mica you mix into the concrete as it can weaken it. Don't forget to agitate the mold to release bubbles and assure that the WhimsyCrete™ gets down into all the nooks and crannies of your mold. 

Do not leave concrete in mold for more than a couple of hours. Full cure time is 28 days for complete stength. WhimsyCrete™ is still delicate since it is thin and not fully hardened so treat it with care the first couple of weeks.

The WhimsyCrete™ Additive is an acrylic latex dry-set mortar additive used in place of water for paper mache or concrete. Makes the material extra strong! I recommend using it 50/50 with water.  I don't recommend using it full strength.  If you add too much water solution then after pouring it into place, use a tissue to absorb the water, similar to when you wet pack enamels.  This will extract the extra moisture.

We also recommend Armorcrete for sealing your pieces.  This will keep oils, lotions, perfumes, etc from staining the concrete and may provide some strength.

If you have issues with the concrete setting up, look to the following as your culprite:

1) too much water/additive
2) too much pigment
3) mixing too little amount 

Always add less water/solution than you think.  As you stir it, the water is absorbed and it becomes more viscous.  The mistake often is made is that water is added, it is given a stir or two, and because it looks dry, more water is added.  If the person mixing it was to continue to stir, they would see it start to become more viscous.  I know it's odd, but true.  Then if it is still too dry, then add just a few drops or so, and stir some more.  It should be thick like peanut better when poured.

The pigment goes a long ways!  You just need the slightest tiny amount.  Too much pigment is bad.

First Photo Dreaming of Cherubs by Tonya Davidson using Kraft Lady Moulds (2)

Other photos courtesy of Jocelyn Cooley

Last ring photo by Sherry Eckert (rough cut sapphires set into WhimsyCrete)

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KT053: KIT-WhimsyCrete™ Kit
KT053 KIT-WhimsyCrete™ Kit $53.15 $40.00
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SP184: WhimsyCrete™ (6 oz)
SP184 WhimsyCrete™ (6 oz) $6.50 $6.20
  SP202 WhimsyCrete™ Additive (1oz) $1.25 $1.15
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SP185: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Rose (1/4 oz)
SP185 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Rose (1/4 oz) $4.30 $4.10
SP186: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Green (1/4 oz)
SP186 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Green (1/4 oz) $5.50 $5.25
SP187: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Vibrant Blue (1/4 oz)
SP187 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Vibrant Blue (1/4 oz) $5.50 $5.25
Out of Stock
SP188: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Terracotta (1/4 oz) *SALE*
SP188 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Terracotta (1/4 oz) *SALE* $4.30 $1.00
SP189: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Yellow (1/4 oz) *SALE*
SP189 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Yellow (1/4 oz) *SALE* $4.30 $1.00
SP190: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Brick Red (1/4 oz)
SP190 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Brick Red (1/4 oz) $4.30 $4.10
SP191: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Brown (1/4 oz)
SP191 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Brown (1/4 oz) $4.30 $4.10
Out of Stock
SP192: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Eggplant (1/4 oz)
SP192 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Eggplant (1/4 oz) $4.30 $4.10
SP199: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Charcoal (1/4 oz) *SALE*
SP199 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Charcoal (1/4 oz) *SALE* $4.30 $1.00
Out of Stock
SP200: WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Sandstone (1/4 oz) *SALE*
SP200 WhimsyCrete™ Colorant Sandstone (1/4 oz) *SALE* $4.30 $1.00