Faux Bone Ring Blank Strip

This Faux Bone Ring Blank Strip is perfect for creating rings!  It takes most of the work out of it!  To make the hole bigger you will file or use the Faux Bone Peeler to remove material.  Then use a jeweler's saw to cut out the final outside shape.  More inspiration and 4 FREE tutorials can be found on www.tonyadavidson.com blog in the Master Muse Tutorial series. 

Faux Bone™ is a new, user friendly, inexpensive and extremely versatile material. Faux Bone™ can be cut, and carved, sawn and sanded. It can be filed, hammered, polished, drilled, stamped, riveted, inlayed, dyed, and painted. It can look like ivory, have the patina of aged ceramic, be polished to a pure white, or, of course, look like bone. You can heat and bend it with nothing more than a small embossing heat-gun. It is so strong you can rivet on it, die form right into it, or hammer metal around it. Faux Bone_ is perfect for artwork as varied as jewelry and book making, sculpture, or printmaking. It can be easily embossed to make texture plates for PMC and basket makers can use it to simulate Scrimshaw on the tops of Nantucket Baskets. Rounds of Faux Bone™ can be heated and dapped (formed into a bowl shape) and filled with other materials or combined to make hollow beads. Its strength makes it ideal for use in tool making such as bone folders for bookmaking or as handles for files and stamps. It can be carved and used for printmaking and then the Faux Bone™ "plate" can be patinated as a finished piece itself.

The 1/2" is a great thickness for rings!

For carving Faux Bone™ you should check out the Faux Bone™ Peelers in our Tools section.  These are necessary for getting that beautiful beveled edge.  It takes far too long to file and sand.  This little tool, which you use like a potatoe peeler, takes all the work out of it!  

We've got saw blades made just for easy use sawing out plastic and Faux Bone!  You can find these on our Tools: Hammering, Sawing and Forming page.  They are called Skip Tooth Blades and come in two sizes!

Want to add color to your FauxBone?  Adirondack inks are perfect!  Wipe onto the FauxBone as a final step.  Then sand off the surfaces you wish to remove them from.  

Small shapes in FauxBone.  How about making your own cabochon carved or stamped with detail.  Or use as a ring signet and attach a metal element to the top and under the FauxBone piece...layering them!

Faux Bone cannot be fired in a kiln.  It can be heated but not past 245F.

We highly recommend this book and this dvd for your exploration into this medium.


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SP684: Faux Bone 1/4" Ring Blank Strip *C*
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SP683: Faux Bone 1/2" Ring Blank Strip *C*
SP683 Faux Bone 1/2" Ring Blank Strip *C* $20.00 $14.50