Celluclay Paper Mache Grey

Dries hard and strong, and produces a durable and light weight piece, with no firing required! Celluclay can be worked wet or dry, is able to be waterproofed, and is non-toxic. Mix with the WhimsyCrete Additive, per instructions, instead of water to produce the strongest results. Read all about Robert Dancik's work with Paper Mache in August 2007 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

Mix Celluclay with water or WhimsyCrete Additive (SP202). It will be sticky, so wear gloves. You can mix in colorants as well. Let dry. The results are a rock hard piece of paper mache! Using files, saws and belt sanders you can shape this into a pendant, cabochon, or bead! Leave holes for resins, polymer and more! The ideas are limitless! A fabulous medium to be used in conjunction with jewelry.


Non-toxic, air dry and versatile! Once mixed this paper mache can be stored in the refrigerator indefinitely. Great for making faux rocks. Check out Robert Dancik's work or his articles in Jewelry Artist for more inspiration!

SP215  Celluclay Paper Mache Grey *C*

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