Clear Etchant Sodium Persulphate

This Clear Etchant is great to work with.  It ships in granule form.  You can see through the tank and see how your metal is progressing.  The etchant will turn a light transparent blue when the copper is etched from the metal.  It can be heated to work faster as well.  It also does not stain clothing and skin like Ferric Chloride does and doesn't require any electrical current to work.  It is advisable to make sure it floats on the surface and agitation or a bubbler will help to give successful results.

This product is more environmentally friendly than ferric chloride.

This container (6oz by weight) will make 1 litre of etching solution.  Mix etchant crystals into distilled water slowly.  You can warm up the water by placing your pan of etchant inside another pan of hot water.  This will allow the etchant to work faster.  The mixed in water solution is good for approximately 2 weeks.
This is for etching copper, brass and nickel.
3 week shelf life once mixed up, store vertically.
ORMD.....cannot be shipped except by UPS ground.
Check out our Wonder Tape for attaching the metal to foam to float in the etchant.  It makes the job way easier and no messy tape!
SP513  Clear Etchant Sodium Persulphate *C*  

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