Zipper trim 2'
Zipper trim 2'

Two feet of zipper trim!  Fantastic for making fun and interesting jewelry (rings, edges of pieces, pressed into molds, into clay, etc), trimming bags, shirts, etc.  It would be fantastic as a trim for polymer clay creations!

Zipper art is all the rage!  Check out these fantastic works of art using zipper art:

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
SP734: Zipper Pink 2' *C*
SP734 Zipper Pink 2' *C* $4.00 $1.30
SP733: Ziipper Red 2' *C*
SP733 Ziipper Red 2' *C* $4.00 $1.30
SP732: Zipper Denim 2' *C*
SP732 Zipper Denim 2' *C* $4.00 $1.30
SP731: Zipper White 2' *C*
SP731 Zipper White 2' *C* $4.00 $1.30
SP730: Zipper Black 2' *C*
SP730 Zipper Black 2' *C* $4.00 $1.30