Black Max™ Oxidizer

Use this to achieve a very black antique effect on your PMC/Art Clay. Contains hydrochloric acid and tellurium. Cannot be shipped by air. US delivery by ground UPS only. Don't forget to purchase Pro Polishing Pads to remove dark areas on your piece you would like to highlight. These can be found on the Supply page as well.

This product cannot be shipped via air (International, UPS 2nd Day, UPS 3rd Day, or Priority USPS). It can only be shipped UPS Ground.  Cannot be shipped by air. US delivery by ground UPS only.  If you only order this item, please be aware that will shipping it will come to around $19 due to UPS freight charges.  

To apply the Black Max simply brush it on or dip your piece into the Black Max using dental floss. You need to use an inexpensive brush or a qtip. These can be reused later, but will have shortened life spans. Then rinse it under water and I even scrub it with a toothbrush dipped in baking soda. Once you've applied the Black Max then using a Pro Polishing Pad wipe back the black oxidation in the high areas.

Do follow the safety instructions to include wearing safety glasses, a mask, and gloves. Try not to get this on your counter top and certainly do not pour it down your stainless steel sink. Paper towels or plastic work surface is good. Baking soda is a neutralizer if you want to make sure your brushes are neutralized as well as your piece once you scrub it.

Also the more burnished those areas are where the BM is applied, the darker black they will appear. So if you do not burnish first it may only appear as a soft black or charcoal color and not a deep rich black.

NOTE: this is bottled in a bottle twice the 1.5oz  size, so it will come half full and this is normal.

SP088  Black Max™ Oxidizer 1.5oz  

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