Art Sheets

Royal Petite Sheet: 

  • 36 images per sheet per side 
  • Each one is colored on one side and black and white on the other. Color your own if you like! 
  • Each image is about 33mm x 38mm. 
Angels & Fairies: 
  • 32 images on each side 
  • Lots of sizes: 25mm x 35mm, 75mm x 32mm, 50 x 31mm, 19 x 25mm, and 50mm x 50mm. 
  • Full color both sides.
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SP693: Angels & Fairies Art Sheet (1) *C*
SP693 Angels & Fairies Art Sheet (1) *C* $4.00 $2.00
SP692: Royal Petite Art Sheet (1) *C*
SP692 Royal Petite Art Sheet (1) *C* $4.00 $2.00