Dockyard Carver

These carving tools are considered the best! Very sharp and easy to use. Carve your unfired metal clay, rubber carving sheets, polymer, wood, and more! Try the new 75 degree V-Gouge carver. It's already angled for you, right out of the wood! Decide which size you want, 1.5mm up to 3mm, and then decide which shape, the U or the V.

Cool tips for carving:

Carving tools are best used with your index finger on the wood, and the tool running parallel to your worksurface through the palm of your hand. Holding the carver like a pencil will lead to breakage since the pressure is too intense.

Draw lines on your piece where you want to carve with either a pencil or fine sharpie marker. Then using a small brush (I love the size 0 rounds), wet those lines. Once the water has been absorbed, the clay will carve like butter! If you get resistance, simply rewet the clay, allow to absorb, and continue carving!

Check out our new File/Tool Holders!  Perfect for your Dockyard Carvers!

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TL627: Dockyard Carver U-Gouge 3mm *C*
TL627 Dockyard Carver U-Gouge 3mm *C* $15.00 $10.00
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TL629: Dockyard Carver V-Gouge 2mm
TL629 Dockyard Carver V-Gouge 2mm $15.00 $9.00
Out of Stock