3M Radial Polishing Discs 3/4"

These discs are great for polishing up your metal pieces without a tumbler and saving the elbow grease of doing it by hand. The discs go on a 3/32" screw mandrel, all 3 at a time. Work from red up to pink to get that mirror finish desired. You want to work: red, blue, pink, peach, light green. Some may opt to skip the red.  If you already did a good bit of sanding in the greenware stage, skip the red and start with the blue.  As you work through each color, for just 10 or so seconds, you'll remove scratches and make the surface more uniform.

Don't forget to load them properly. Place a minimum of 3, and up to 6, on an screw mandrel. You'll want to note that the 3M mark should be facing down or toward the rotary drill. The non-3M mark side should be facing the screw top of the screw mandrel This is because most foredoms and dremels go counter-clockwise. You want the greater curve of the spiral (look at the legs of the radial disk) to "lick" your piece, not to have the pointy edges of the spiral scratch your piece.
Put them in your rotary tool (Dremel, Foredom, or Wizard) and use them up to recommended speed of 15,000 RPM and max of 30,000 RPM.
Here's a picture of how to load the screw mandrel and instructions from the manufacturer, 3M.
Do not buy the Snap-On Mandrels for this item.  Snap-On Mandrels are for the Snap-On Sanding Discs.  Both are great products!
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SP124: 3/4" Radial Polishing Disc Peach 6 Micron (3) *C*
SP124 3/4" Radial Polishing Disc Peach 6 Micron (3) *C* $5.10 $4.90
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SP123: 3/4" Radial Polishing Disc Pumice Pink (3)*C*
SP123 3/4" Radial Polishing Disc Pumice Pink (3)*C* $5.10 $4.50
SP122: 3/4" Radial Polishing Discs 400 Blue (3) *C*
SP122 3/4" Radial Polishing Discs 400 Blue (3) *C* $5.10 $4.55
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  SP138 3/4" Radial Polishing Disc 220 Red (3) *C* $5.10 $4.50
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