Micro Finishing Cloth

Proven 3" x 4" sheet size provides a large working surface and extended product life.  Our formulation gives superior water resistance softer cushion coating and greater flexibility.  Color coded back print makes easy grit identification possible, now you know exactly which grit you are using!

Micro Finishing Cloth can be used wet or dry, for best results a light mist of water containing a drop of dish detergent for lubrication is recommended (not on greenware metal clay though).  Kit includes a double density 2" x 3" foam back up pad for superiour results.  Ideal for removing "orange peel" from painted surfaces, polishing metal, wood and plastic projects.

Kit Contains: 1 of each grit (3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, 120000)

Use Wet or Dry - When using the Micro Finishing Cloth it is recommended that a lubricant be used to achieve maximum performance and durability (on fired metal, traditional metal, wood, etc).  A fine spray or mist of water usually works best.  This is all that is needed to keep material from loading the abrasive coating.  Flooding the work surface is not recommended as it will cause the abrasive to slip across the surface, making less contact and removing less material.

Use abrasives like Professional Sanding film to de-burr, smooth and remove any deep scratches on your project.  Use Micro Finishing Cloth to remove and uneven sanding marks that may remain on the surface.  It is important to start with the coarsest micro cloth needed then to progress through the grit range to the finest, not missing or skipping any grits.

 Using Micro Finishing Cloth prior to these steps or missing/skipping grits in the process will greatly reduce the life of the product and could give undesirable results.  Micro Finishing Cloth is not intended for heavy stock removal, rather, to help obtain a professional MIcro Surface Finish you will be proud of. 



SP864  Micro Finishing Cloth - Assorted (6 sheets) *C*

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