Sanders-Fine Polishers

These are a must have! These sheets can be washed and used over and over again. They will sand your PMC or Art Clay without having to be replaced. Cut them into handy strips or smaller squares. Color-coded for easy selection. Reclaim the silver sanded off these too, without contamination! What a fantastic way to get a mirror finish also.

Size measures 4 1/2" x 5 12/". These sanders are plastic backed, unlike the tri-mite 3M sanders. Therefore, you can clean them easily every day by scrubbing them in water to reclaim your metal clay and unclog the sanding sheets. They also have structure (not flimsy like fabric) so they are easier to use plus they can be folded and rolled into small spaces for hard to get areas. You will love these.  Don't forget to order the Quick Cleaners too. They are the first steps in sanding/polishing your pieces. (TL135-138)

TL150  800 Grit Fine Polisher (Yellow) *C*

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