Stamping Letter Sets

These are great for adding words into your clay projects. Very popular with students and the younger crowd.  Sommerset Magazine sells these for $24.95 for use in scrapbooking to make your own tags. Whole Lotta Whimsy offers you these at a  great deal!

Please note that the manufacturer of this set of letter stamps rates them a little smaller than they actually are, when we measure them. The 2.0mm letter stamp seems to be correct, but the 3.0 and 4.0 are really more like 4.0 and 5.0 and are noted below. The TL060 3mm Stamping Set is much larger than the 3.0mm Deluxe Stamping Kit in the Wooden Box TL139.  So you might want to also get those stamp sets to round out your selection.  Think of it as more variety of stamping sizes for your tool box!

The sizes listed by size on package are not exact. For exact size please consider the measurements below which are in mm for each size letter "A". The width is at it's widest point (bottom of A) and the height from the bottom of the A to the top of the A.

1.0mm = 1.0mm wide x 2.0 high

1.5mm = 1.5mm wide x 2.25 high

2.0mm = 2.90mm wide x 3.10 high

2.5mm = 2.50mm wide x 3.5 high

3.0mm = 4.00mm wide x 5.0 high

4.0mm = 4.40mm wide x 6.0 high

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL1359: Stamping Letter & Number Set 4.0-5.0mm *C*
TL1359 Stamping Letter & Number Set 4.0-5.0mm *C* $30.00 $6.15
Out of Stock
TL964: Stamping Letter Set 1.0mm *C*
TL964 Stamping Letter Set 1.0mm *C* $24.95 $5.60
Out of Stock
TL965: Stamping Letter Set 1.5mm *C*
TL965 Stamping Letter Set 1.5mm *C* $24.95 $6.65
Out of Stock
  TL043 Stamping Letter Sets 1/16 or 2.0mm *C* $24.95 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL967: Stamping Letter Set 2.5mm *C*
TL967 Stamping Letter Set 2.5mm *C* $24.95 $6.05
Out of Stock
  TL060 Stamping Letter Sets 1/8" or 3.0-4.0mm *C* $24.95 $7.35
Out of Stock
  TL102 Stamping Letter Sets 5/32 or 4.0-5.0mm *C* $24.95 $6.45
Out of Stock