Designer Metal Stamps

Hardened Steel with precise cut designs.  The handle is laser engraved with the design clearly marked to provide easy and accurate placement.  Overall length is 2.75" and the design size is approximately 5mm.  Don't forget your handy Premium Wood Stamp Holder to hold them on your bench!

Afraid of whacking your fingers?  We've got the perfect tool!  Don't forget to add the Thumb Safe to your cart!

The designs are approximately 4mm.  Perfect for stamping blanks, rings, and more!  Fun!

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL1311: Metal Stamp-Bubble Small *C*
TL1311 Metal Stamp-Bubble Small *C* $9.00 $5.27
TL1312: Metal Stamp-Butterfly *C*
TL1312 Metal Stamp-Butterfly *C* $9.00 $5.27
Out of Stock
TL1313: Metal Stamp-Dog Paw *C*
TL1313 Metal Stamp-Dog Paw *C* $9.00 $5.27
Out of Stock
TL1314: Metal Stamp-Lucky Horseshoe *C*
TL1314 Metal Stamp-Lucky Horseshoe *C* $9.00 $5.27
TL1315: Metal Stamp-Chinese "Beautiful" *C*
TL1315 Metal Stamp-Chinese "Beautiful" *C* $9.00 $5.27
TL1316: Metal Stamp-Chinese "Happiness" *C*
TL1316 Metal Stamp-Chinese "Happiness" *C* $9.00 $5.27
TL1317: Metal Stamp-Fleur de Lis *C*
TL1317 Metal Stamp-Fleur de Lis *C* $9.00 $5.27
TL1318: Metal Stamp-Solid Fleur de Lis *C*
TL1318 Metal Stamp-Solid Fleur de Lis *C* $9.00 $5.27
Out of Stock