Small Punches

These punches are great for PMC Sheet. This particular brand is less expensive, but doesn't do cardstock as easily. For PMC Sheet, they work great. The approximate size of these punch out shapes are 15mm. After firing and shrinkage, about 12mm.

These are also great for Keum-Boo foil. Easier to use before annealing the gold, but if you use them after annealing, it is wise to place the gold inbetween a piece of folded tracing paper before punching. Fabulous ways to add a little hint of gold.

Zinc has increased tremedously. Therefore, the price of the punches have increased for 2007.

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL022: Hydra Cluster *C*
TL022 Hydra Cluster *C* $5.25 $2.50
TL022: Cedar Sprig *C*
TL022 Cedar Sprig *C* $5.25 $3.00
TL022: Split Leaf *C*
TL022 Split Leaf *C* $5.25 $2.50
TL022: Splash *C*
TL022 Splash *C* $5.25 $2.75
Out of Stock
TL022: Small Cross 2 *C*
TL022 Small Cross 2 *C* $5.25 $2.50
TL022: Dove *C*
TL022 Dove *C* $5.25 $2.75
TL022: Horse *C*
TL022 Horse *C* $5.00 $2.50
Out of Stock
TL022: Dolphin *C*
TL022 Dolphin *C* $5.25 $2.50
Out of Stock
TL022: Butterfly *C*
TL022 Butterfly *C* $5.25 $2.75
TL022: Fern *C*
TL022 Fern *C* $5.25 $3.00
Out of Stock
TL022: Protea Leaf *C*
TL022 Protea Leaf *C* $5.25 $2.25
TL022: Gingko Leaf *C*
TL022 Gingko Leaf *C* $5.25 $2.75
TL022: Moon*C*
TL022 Moon*C* $5.25 $2.50