Mini Punches

These are great for adding shapes onto small bead blanks. Simply punch the PMC Sheet and attach to the bead. See the tutorial pages for step-by-step instruction. The approximate size of each punch is 7mm-9mm. Then don't forget the shrinkage, which makes these end up being about 6mm-8mm after firing.

These are also great for Keum-Boo foil. Easier to use before annealing the gold, but if you use them after annealing, it is wise to place the gold inbetween a piece of folded tracing paper before punching. Fabulous ways to add a little hint of gold.

Zinc has increased tremedously. Therefore, the price of the punches have increased for 2007. Their pictures are shown bigger than they actually are in size.

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TL021: Flower *C*
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TL021: Snowflake *C*
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