Redy Pellet Ring Sizers

These Redy Pellets are great for making sure your ring doesn't shrink more than necesary. Place your ring on the kiln shelf or solderite board and the place the ring centered over it. Fire in place. Then simply place in a bowl of water, break out, and dispose of water/investment material into trash. Do not put down your drain!

The ring should be made 2.5-3 sizes bigger than the size you desire. For example, if you want to end up with a size 5 ring you need to purchase a size 5 redy pellet. Make your ring 2.5 sizes bigger if you plan on sanding the inside to fine finish. This usually removes a half size of ring. If you are not going to alter the inside of your ring, make it 3 sizes bigger.

The Multi-mandrel or tapered wooden mandrel are great for making rings onto. Please do not forget to use a piece of freezer paper (available at the grocery store) shiny side up between the mandrel and your clay. If your wooden mandrel is subjected to heat to dry, the wood expands and the ring is difficult to remove. Simply place mandrel, ring and all, in your freezer for 10 minutes. The wood will shrink and your ring will slide right off.

The pellets come packaged 5 to a set.  Check out our new and improved Ring Protectors!  They work great for protecting your rings from firing too small!

SP119  Redy Pellet Ring Sizer 11-*C*

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