Telesight Magnifier

You will just love these magnifing glasses. First recommended to me by my master granulation instructor, these are the best! Need to look across the classroom? Just flip them up! Do you wear glasses? These fit perfectly with your glasses.  The part that sits on your face does not have a lens in it, just a frame to sit upon your face. No pressure on your forehead or mangling of the hair like you get with the magnifiying visors. They are made to be worn for the distance at which you work.

To figure out which pair to purchase, put an 18" ruler up to  your temple and then hold your hands in front of you where you like to work.  This is the distance and that is how these glasses are rated.  

TL1086  Telesight Magnifier 20" = 1.5x

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Price: $39.00  $38.00