Amazing Flat Organizer System

Here's how it works:

The Flat Storage outer case measures 1"w x 12"h x 10"d. Use it to store papers, magazines, tools and more.   You can label the edge like a binder and store it in a magazine or book holder.  This is actually included in the Flat Storage Starter Set.

Then purchase the Inner Case Trays for separating out beads, micro connectors, stones, chains, tools and more.  These come in 4 different styles: two compartment, three, four and eight.  The two compartment is great for pencils, tools etc.  The three compartment is great for more separation of the same items.  The four compartment organizer is great for larger beads, stamps, etc.  The eight compartment organizer is perfect for connectors, beads, etc.  When the outer organizer is shut with the inner compartment organizer, there is no gap for beads to fall out.  

Checkout the newly arrived Mini Organizers.  These go inside your flat storage system and work excellently to hold seed beads, cold connectors, gems, and more!  This is recommended for tiny beads, like seed beads.

The Starter Set includes:

  • Magazine holder
  • 4 Outer Flat Storage Cases
  • 17 adhesive labels
  • 4 removable Compartment Trays ( 1 of each type as described above)
Try these!  You won't be sorry.  Really a space saver and easy to see.  Plus you can have say a set of "blue beads" and they are portable. Instead of shelves or drawers full of beads, make them more accessible, customizable, and portable!  It's genius!  Check out their blog at to see all the clever uses of this great organizing tool!
TL784  Flat Storage Starter Set *C*

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Price: $24.95  $16.65