Boro (Pyrex) Burnishers

These are great tools custom made for Whole Lotta Whimsy.  Designed by Tonya and made exclusively for WLW!  Featured in the latest Art Jewelry, March 2008, Magazine article, Fahrenheit 650F.  This article was written by Patricia Tschetter and is focused on making silver beads that have been embellished with Keum Boo Gold.  Use them for burnishing your metal, but more importantly for burnishing your Keum Boo Foil. This tool is the best for gold foil. Here are the pros and cons:

-Steel burnishers are cheap but they get hot quickly which makes the foil stick to the burnisher. However, you can quench these in water.

-Agate burnishers are expensive, but they allow you to burnish longer before they get hot. They cannot be quenched.

-Boro burnishers are superior for keeping cool when burnishing. They are inbetween agate and steel in their price. They also cannot be quenched.

If you desire a special design on the ends, fax, email, or snail mail us a drawing and we'll make it for you at little or no extra cost!

TL164  Lg Round and Angled Sm Rd Ball

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