Kreative Kones
Kreative Kones

These molds are a must have! Each kit comes with the short and tall molds of that size (enlarge photo) necklace end cones! They also come with instructions and a template for your clay.  Roll out the clay, use the template to cut the cone shape, wrap the clay around the cone, mend the seam, and let dry.  Once dry remove from the mold, sand and clean, embellish and then fire the cones.  Do not fire them on the molds.

Make your job easier and get these molds so you can make the cones efficiently. The cones can be used as end caps for the end of the strands of your necklace.  You can put two cones together to create a bi-cone bead.  If you are looking to make large bicone beads, check out Linda Kaye-Mose's Cone Doming Plate. They make great earrings, charms, and more!  I like to glue in magnets in each end to create a custom, yet easy clasp!
Explore how easy it is to make a shape with these molds that is usually frustrating.  You'll just want them in every shape!
The measurement is the diameter at the base of the cone, before firing.  The Kreative Kones can be heated up to 300F.  However, the older models cannot.  The ones we currently carry can be heated to this temperature.
How to figure out sizing:
  • The measurement given, ie. 6mm, is the diameter at the base of the cone, or the opening.  Each kit comes with a tall, 16.5mm, and a short cone, 10.5mm.
  • Recently a customer asked what size she would need the base of the cone to be 8mm to fit her Viking Knit.  The size she would need to order, for after shrinkage correct sizing is the size 9.
  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL865: 5mm Kreative Kones *C*
TL865 5mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL864 6mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL613 7mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL616 10mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL617 11mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL618 12mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL619 13mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00
  TL620 14mm Kreative Kones *C* $38.00 $19.00