Linda Kaye-Moses Doming Plates
Linda Kaye-Moses Doming Plates
Linda Kaye-Moses Doming Plates

Linda Kaye-Moses, inventor of the LKM Doming Plates describes her cool tools:

"I'm very excited about my new Doming Plates. The prototypes were introduced at the 2008 PMC Guild Conference, and are now in their final forms. Although it's fun to search for creative solutions to support the construction of metal clay hollow forms, it's very time consuming. My Doming Plates are designed to create consistent hollow forms, eliminating that search.

Right now they are available in four models, High Dome Round, Low Dome Round, Oval, and Cone, each of which comes in a specific and glorious color for ease of bench top recognition. They are completely washable and are in a durable material that will stand up to years of metal clay use.

Using the Doming Plates is easy. Lubricate the shape you want to use. Then, for the Round and Oval shapes, just drape rolled metal clay sheet, with or without textures. For the Cone shapes, it's best to create a pattern first (I use transparency sheet for the pattern, because it won't absorb moisture from the metal clay). Lay the pattern on rolled metal clay sheet and trim it allowing a little extra for the thickness of the clay. Wrap the clay around the cone, bringing the seam together, and allow it to partially dry until it can hold it shape but is still slightly moist. Slip it off the Cone, bring the seam together and add lots of Slip on the inside of the seam. Place it back on the Cone to dry completely.

I haven't yet used the Doming Plates in all the ways they can be used, and I'm enjoying the prospect of discovering new ways each time I sit down at my bench. I know you will enjoy using them, too"

These plates have no texture. This reduces your finishing time. They were milled to perfection and are the highest quality. Don't forget to purchase templates to make your job easier!

Approximate size of each shape:

Cone (TL1036):

  • Lg: 48.25 mm x 39.6mm tall
  • Med: 35.64mm x 36.08mm tall
  • Small: 26.52mm x 34.5mm tall
  • Tiny: 13.52mm x 29.82 tall

Oval (TL1035):

  • Lg: 18.45mm x 41.31mm x16.94mm tall
  • Med: 14.92mm x 31.22mm x 12.67mm tall
  • Small: 7.8mm x 18.57mm x 6.27mm tall
  • Tiny: 7.1mm x 12.44mm x 5.2mm tall

High Rd. (TL1033):

  • Lg: 36.38mm x 28.19mm tall
  • Med: 26.68mm x 22.66mm tall
  • Med/Sm: 18.69mm x 17.82mm tall
  • Small: 15.31mm x 12.52mm tall
  • Sm/tiny: 11.72mm x 9.76mm tall

Round (TL1034):

  • Lg:35.24mm x 24.23mm tall
  • Med: 26.00mm x 16.87 tall
  • Med/Sm: 19.32mm x 13.73mm tall
  • Small: 14.47mm x 9.97mm tall
  • Sm/Tiny: 11.80mm x 7.93mm tall

Rectangle (TL1040):

  • Lg: 31mm x 25mm x 12.5mm tall
  • Med: 27mm x 21mm x 16mm tall
  • Med/Sm: 23mm x 17mm x 20mm tall
  • Small: 20mm x 13mm x 24mm tall
  • Sm/tiny: 16mm x 9.5mm x 28mm tall

Sqaure (TL1041):

  • Lg: 25mm x 25mm x 28mm tall
  • Med: 21mm x 21mm x 24mm tall
  • Med/Sm: 17.25mm x 17.25mm x 20mm tall
  • Small: 13.5mm x 13.5mm x 16mm tall
  • Sm/tiny: 9.5mm x 9.5mm x 12.5mm tall

** Ring pictured by Angela Baduel-Crispin

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TL1141: Doming Plate Square Box *C*
TL1141 Doming Plate Square Box *C* $32.00 $19.00
TL1140: Doming Plate Rectangle *C*
TL1140 Doming Plate Rectangle *C* $32.00 $18.00
TL1036: Doming Plate Cone *C*
TL1036 Doming Plate Cone *C* $32.00 $18.00
Out of Stock
TL1035: Doming Plate Oval *C*
TL1035 Doming Plate Oval *C* $32.00 $18.00
TL1034: Doming Plate Round *C*
TL1034 Doming Plate Round *C* $32.00 $18.00
TL1033: Doming Plate High Round *C*
TL1033 Doming Plate High Round *C* $32.00 $19.50
Out of Stock