Whole Lotta Whimsy Button Molds
Whole Lotta Whimsy Button Molds

We are so excited to share these with you!  They are made of the highest quality silicone mold-making material.  They are firmer than most on the market, so that you can roll the clay inside them without ghosting and be able to fill in all the nooks and crannies.  Here are some other huge advantages:

  • They can take up to 600F, so you can bake your polymer creations inside or dry them in your dehydrator.
  • You can cast pewter or tin into these molds.
  • They are professionally made in professional molds,  not made with two part mold putty one at a time.  You can see the quality in the clay that comes out of them.  Every detail is available for capture!
  • They are food grade, so if you wanted to make chocolates, you can (but make it the only use for that mold).

Everyone who saw them at Bead and Button commented on the quality and the great shapes and styles!  These are all made from true antique buttons that are hard to find.  I scoured antique shops far and wide for the unusual!

The bottom photo shows resin that was poured into the molds.  They show what great results you get!

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL1262: Beetle Lg (1) 32mm *C*
TL1262 Beetle Lg (1) 32mm *C* $13.50 $5.85
TL1260: Eros Lg (1) 28mm *C*
TL1260 Eros Lg (1) 28mm *C* $13.50 $5.00
TL1259: Griffin Lg (1) 31mm *C*
TL1259 Griffin Lg (1) 31mm *C* $13.50 $5.00
TL1257: Flourish (1) Lg 31mm *C*
TL1257 Flourish (1) Lg 31mm *C* $13.50 $5.00
TL1256: Equine (1) Md 20mm *C*
TL1256 Equine (1) Md 20mm *C* $10.50 $4.90
TL1255: Geisha (1) Md 18mm *C*
TL1255 Geisha (1) Md 18mm *C* $10.50 $3.75
TL1252: 5 Flowers (1) Md 22mm *C*
TL1252 5 Flowers (1) Md 22mm *C* $10.50 $3.75
TL1251: 3 Dogs Hunting (1) Sm 15mm *C*
TL1251 3 Dogs Hunting (1) Sm 15mm *C* $6.00 $2.50
TL1250: Flowers & Trellis (1) Sm 14mm *C*
TL1250 Flowers & Trellis (1) Sm 14mm *C* $6.00 $2.80
TL1249: Little Birds (1) Sm 16mm *C*
TL1249 Little Birds (1) Sm 16mm *C* $6.00 $4.00
Out of Stock
TL1253: Bee (1) Md 23mm *C*
TL1253 Bee (1) Md 23mm *C* $10.50 $4.90
Out of Stock