Extra Discs for Makin's Professional™ Ultimate Clay Extruder™

The Ultimate Clay Extruder is designed with metal clay artists in mind. The entire unit is made from clay-friendly stainless steel and comes with ten discs. This precision instrument is easy to operate and capable of creating geometric extrusions that in many cases would defy creation by current clay forming techniques. The discs are specifically sized to be appropriate for metal clay, though the extruder can also be used for polymer clay applications. Full instructions come with each unit for loading, using and cleaning.  The 10 discs pictured to the right of the Ultimate Clay Extruder are included!

The accessory package of ten additional unique discs will allow you to further expand your creative whim. Easily combine two or more extrusions for even more unique designs!

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TL1233: Ultimate Disc Set
TL1233 Ultimate Disc Set $10.80 $10.40
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TL596: Small Set of Extruder Discs *C*
TL596 Small Set of Extruder Discs *C* $10.80 $7.05
TL621: Medium Set of Extruder Discs *C*
TL621 Medium Set of Extruder Discs *C* $10.80 $7.05