Large Shaping Dapping Block
 So beautiful you'll want to hammer a piece of metal into it immediately!  It's large, 7" x 3.25",  and weighs 3.4lbs.  It's got two large round doming machined, half spheres.  One measures 5.5" and the other is 5 3/16".  On the sides of this block you'll find 4 u-channel grooves.  It's perfect for larger lentils and forms.  It's substantial and will hold up to heavy gauge metals without the risk of marring the metal.

Don't forget your 5pc Shaping Punch Set!  You'll need it if you don't already have a good dapping set.
TL1093  Large Shaping Block W/2 Depressions *C*

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Price: $33.95  $18.00