These stencils are perfect for:

  • the metal clay technique similar to spackling (using a palette knife and buttering over the stencil with slip)
  • holding over metal and sifting enamels 
  • paper embossing
  • mixed media by spraying inks over stencil

Made of brass and stainless steel.  Don't look at the entire pattern but parts of the pattern too for interesting texture to apply to a piece.  The Hydrangea pattern is fabulous for this!

Dimensions of the actual design:

  • TL1323: 72mm x 48mm 
  • TL1324, 1325: 130mm x 42mm
  • TL1326: 36mmx 37 = one design x 4
  • TL1327: 82mm x 108mm
  • TL1328, 1329, 1330, 1331, 1332: 99mm x 131mm
  • TL1333: 130mm x 98mm
  • TL1334: 48mm x 59mm = one tree design x 4
  • TL1078: 150mm x 105mm

For more information on Spackling, see PMC Technic for full instructions.

  Item Suggested Retail Price Your Price Quantity
TL1078: Paisley Stencil
TL1078 Paisley Stencil $12.00 $11.65
Out of Stock
TL1402: Whimsy Checkerboard Stencil *C*
TL1402 Whimsy Checkerboard Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
TL1401: Herringbone Stencil *C*
TL1401 Herringbone Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1400: Weave Stencil *C*
TL1400 Weave Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1334: Four Season Stencil *C*
TL1334 Four Season Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1333: Hydrangea Stencil *C*
TL1333 Hydrangea Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1331: Jungle Leaves Stencil *C*
TL1331 Jungle Leaves Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1330: Fan Pattern Stencil *C*
TL1330 Fan Pattern Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1329: Swirls Stencil *C*
TL1329 Swirls Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1328: Sm Damask Stencil *C*
TL1328 Sm Damask Stencil *C* $11.50 $7.15
Out of Stock
TL1326: Art Deco Floral Stencils
TL1326 Art Deco Floral Stencils $10.50 $10.00
Out of Stock
TL1325: Vertical Butterflies Stencil *C*
TL1325 Vertical Butterflies Stencil *C* $7.50 $4.90
Out of Stock
TL1324: Birds and Branches Stencil
TL1324 Birds and Branches Stencil $15.00 $7.00
Out of Stock
TL1323: Sm Fern Frond Stencil *C*
TL1323 Sm Fern Frond Stencil *C* $10.50 $6.50