Accent Gold for Silver 24k  (AGS)

This is a great product featured in Lapidary Journal, July 2004. The container is 1gm. It is a water based product. Simply make your metal clay piece first, fire it, and then paint on the Accent for Gold. 2-3 coats is sufficient. The preferred method of application is the torch. However, you can Keum Boo it on, fire it with the Ultra Lite or SFC. The main difference between this product and Aura 22K is that it is 24K Gold. This product is shipped dry. Because of the lack of binder present in the gold, it will dry out easily. This is normal and fine. Just add water and stir with a plastic toothpick or sewing needle. It should be the consistency of india ink or cream.  If you want it a bit more syrupy, add a drop of glycerin.

PMC036  Accent Gold For Silver 24k (AGS)

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